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Get the freedom to move, to live. Now.

Your online physio


An online professional physiotherapy consultancy that gives you the freedom and skills to live and move pain free from anywhere in the world. Now.

Online Physiotherapy Consultations

Online Physiotherapy Consultations

If you are in a remote location, or if you simply don’t have time for traffic, parking and waiting rooms, an online physio consultation could help. Online physiotherapy has been proven to be as effective, if not better, than in person care.

All of our physiotherapists have extensive experience in providing both ‘in person’ and online injury consultations. Our experience allows us to work out exactly what you need to recover, even from a distance.

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Pain doesn’t need to be a normal part of life. Muscle aches, back pain, or niggling injuries are highly treatable through an online platform. We specialise in making a pain free life a reality, from wherever you are in the world.

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You tell us your problem

After signing up via email we get in touch and thoroughly asses your problem

We design a solution

Through expert online instruction we give practices you can do from anywhere.

We treat until it’s done

We continue until things improve or advise where to go next

About Live Now

Pain free means living free

After living abroad, meeting loads of different people with different jobs and problems, I asked something to myself:

How can I help people even if we are far from each other, using the internet?

The big part of a physio’s work is about education, lifestyle, advices, suggestions and exercise programs, to immediately help people get free from their problems.

I have often followed patients on the phone or by email, writing, talking and helping them with images and videos.


Cause they didn’t have time to come physically to me, cause they were abroad, they didn’t have time or they just needed a quick suggestion or advice, without necessarily coming to the studio.

All of this is part of our life, more and more.

I thought about to give people a help from wherever in the world, whenever they needed.

And this is how #LIVENOW was born and now works.

So, if you think you need this kind of help and you feel you can be part of the #LIVENOW world contact us!

Start immediately to live pain free!

See you there 😉

About Live Now
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