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You Tell Us your Problem

Through a combination of questionaires and one on one interviews, we ask the right questions to understand your problem and how to treat it.

We Arrange a solution

Through a combination of email and online calls we take you through the process of fixing yourself, and getting back to living now

Online Physiotherapy Consultations

How does a physio help you?

The big part of a physio’s work is about education, lifestyle, advice, suggestions and exercise programs, to immediately help people get free from their problems.

All of this can be done surprisingly well through an online format.

Listening to your problem, making a series of precise questions to understand your need and after giving you a clear understanding about your problem, the online-physio will create a specific plan for your personal recovery.

You will receive and follow it via any combination of webforms; this puts you in much more control of your own recovery: you can understand your problem, follow the program and taking everything under control by yourself, whenever you have time, wherever you are.

So, an online physio does the same as a normal physio and, as a real physio, will work with you and assist you in all these steps.
The program will be progressed as you improve, until coming to a maintenance program to help to prevent you to get injured again.

You will receive all of the benefits, just delivered online instead.

Naturally, if we determine that your injury or situation is not suitable for an online consultation and it requires to see a physiotherapist or other health professional “face to face”, we’ll tell you!