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  • Definitions

“Any content” has to be intended as free content (in the website, linked to the website or sent to you by email/phone/social network or whatever method of communication ), update emails, advises, programs, treatments you can read on the web site or that you received, in both forms, free and paid;

“Free content” means all text, graphics, images, video, sound and other data displayed on, or made available from, the Website without charge. It includes, without limitation, any Blog Post;

“LiveNow” means us;

“I”, “our”, “us”, “we” and similar words refer to the business [Serena Mora] and members working for LiveNow.

“You”, “user”, “costumer” refers to the person(s) using this website.

“Web site” refers to the site located at the domain


  • I am not a doctor, nor a psychologist, nor a psychiatrist, nor do I declare myself this. As a physiotherapist I am aware that what I propose is substantially free of substantial contraindications. However, we recommend to contact your doctor or trusted physiotherapist, or other health professionals, before any use.

The author assumes no responsibility for the use that individual users can make of the information reported on the site and we do not respond for damages caused by incorrect use of any content.

Any content of this website is not intended to be a substitute for appropriate medical care or advice/treatment from a healthcare professional; no online service is a perfect substitute for an “in person” consultation with a physiotherapist.

Consult a doctor for any medical or health diagnosis and before starting any program. #Livenow makes no warranty to any of the services.


  • I also declare that any content:

– is to be considered intellectual work and the result of the knowledge, personal opinion and experience of the owner dott.ssa Serena Mora;

– does not offer any guarantees and do not guarantee any achievement of results in the care of the body and health: we are unable to guarantee that our treatments will result in a cure of your particular complaint or condition. We recommend treatments that we believe are effective (based upon our experience and training), but we cannot guarantee results;

– is in any case referred to the prudent evaluation of each individual User: we are completely reliant upon the information that you provide us. So, you agree to provide us with accurate and complete information in response to our questions and any follow up questions which we ask of you and any information which could reasonably be expected to be relevant to your condition or treatment;

– is intended for personal use. A rehabilitation program is intended to be personal: do not share or suggest content with third parties (even friends or relatives), with apparent similar problems. You must not provide our treatment program to any other person. We assume no duty of care in relation to any third persons;


  • #Livenow is not liable for any damages, pain, worsening of situation resulting from the information or services provided even if #Livenow is advised of any damages. We exclude any liability to you for any loss, damage, claims or costs, including those associated with
  1. loss of business, income or profits;
    b. pain and suffering;
    c. the need to obtain medical treatment or rehabilitation or equipment;

resulting from the use of this WebSite.

You must not implement our treatment program or act unless you completely understand it. Please ask any questions before implementing any treatment program or acting on any advice provided by us.

The costumer or visitor agrees to be solely responsible for any effect resulting from the use of any content and / or the application of the techniques described and / or suggested.

Where liability cannot be excluded, any liability incurred by us in relation to the use of this Web Site is limited to the re-supply of the services.

No guarantee of currency: we attempt to ensure that our content is current and based on the latest research and practice at the date of initial publication, but we do not guarantee its currency.

We promise to give you the best treatment we can, based on our skills and knowledge.

It may become obvious to us that our services are not suitable for you. In these circumstances we will not provide it to you and we will suggest you an alternative solution.


  • Free content:

-The free content contained on this website is not exhaustive and does not cover all diseases, illnesses, problems or treatments. If you have any questions about your health, contact your healthcare professional immediately. Never ignore or postpone medical advice based on information you may have read on this site.

-Not personal treatment: Our free content is intended as general information only. It is not to be intended as a substitute for “in person” physiotherapy or other medical treatment. You should organise a personal consultation with a qualified medical professional before acting or relying on any free content.

-No duty of care: We do not assume any duty of care in relation to you or any other third party by providing the free content.

-No physio/client relationship: Mere use of this Web Site or free content is not intended to, and does not, create a physio-client relationship between you and us. Any free content contained on this website have been processed for informational purposes only and therefore should not be considered as advice and do not constitute a professional relationship with a customer.

  • You acknowledge on everything above mentioned.