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In this world we need less MONEY and more LOVE.

The ease of having a pair of shoes VS the difficulty of having a nice body.

Immediate effect VS effort.



Today I am a little thoughtful… I wonder why we always forget about ourselves.

Yes, it’s like that. We are used to be the last thing we think about.


Let’s think about it for a moment.

When we have a problem and we realize we need a doctor, a personal trainer, a physiotherapist, a dietician, a psychologist…we usually say:

“Well, maybe I can solve it by looking on the internet…”

And it doesn’t work.

We complain that we always have pain, but we always find an excuse not to “listen to our body“.

“Look what a life I have, it’s normal for me to have this pain”

“What can I do, I am getting older”

“This job is destroying me”. And so on.


So, I think:

When we are children, we are smart, intelligent and genuine.

When we start walking, we try, we fall and we understand we have to change something. Let’s try again! And if falling hurts, we find a solution.

We fall, we change technique and we get up.

We CHANGE technique and we get up.

We become adults and this mechanism seems to be distorted.

We lose the ability to understand our body and help it.

The health, the “feeling good”, is what frightens us the most, what has the power to lock us down for a pandemic and stop the world… and we don’t care.


If we have 500 euros savings, we think we will keep them for a bag, a gift, the next iPhone.

But…we can’t do the back-strengthening program (which the physiotherapist suggested after our complaints) because we have no money.

And those shoes are on discount, as soon as the covid goes away they will return to the original price, we must take this opportunity.


Isn’t it right?

So, I’ll ask you… why do we act like that?


How many times I hear the phrase “Doctor, I have knees pain. According to you, is it cause I am fat ???”

<< Well darling, let’s say that losing weight would help! Indeed… I would say it is the solution to this knee pain>>

“Ok, thank you doctor, then I will follow your advice! Ah, by the way! Have you seen those shoes in the shop here in front??? They will certainly hurt my feet, but I have to buy them, they are in super discount and they are Jimmy Choo branded!”




In one hour, the lady will be on the sofa eating chips and ice cream watching a movie and tomorrow she will convince her husband to take her to buy the shoes…

What about her knees? Well, she’ll think about it next time they will hurt her.


Does this sound familiar to you?




We are used to find solutions only when the pain is severe and the problem got serious.

We must understand that since we were born, we have been engaged in a marriage with our body, and as we grow, we underestimate how much it cares for us by continuing to “betray” it.

It says “Hey I’m here, I love you, but I’m not happy with you now”.

At some point, as in any love story, it decides to be heard for real. And it scares the hell out of you.

Then yes, we remember our body.


Now the question is: why do we have to get to this point?


In this pandemic, when someone was at the hospital, who was going to treat him? Mr. Gucci or a doctor?

What was more important, the Jimmy Choo shoes or the health?


Then we should think about it for a moment.

Our body always speaks to us.

Why don’t we listen to it? Why don’t we respect it? Why don’t we love it?

It is always so hard to spend money when it is for health. “Oh wow, that doctor gets paid”, we say.

Ah, because Jimmy Choo shoes (which you will put on 3 times and then forget about them) were cheap, weren’t they?


I’ll ask you two questions:

Would you spend € 197 to buy yourself a new phone? I really think so.

Would you instead spend € 197 for a program that will give you the body you wish and make you go through this damned back pain?

I can see you… you’re thinking about it. And you’re saying “but it’s so useless, then I’ll quit, I don’t have time, it doesn’t work and my back will always hurt”.

No! The answer is that YOU DON’T WANT. And it’s a psychological reaction.


Having the phone has an immediate effect. It gives you happiness immediately, without effort. But it is a happiness that does not last long, until the release of the next model, the newest, coolest one, the one that can go to the centre of the Earth and up into space without breaking.

A handsome body, if I am overweight, is difficult to achieve. It takes time, it’s an effect I can see after a while. It requires EFFORT.

Our body is something that we only notice in extreme situations.

Not good!



We should love it, take care of it like it does with us. As I said in my article, our body is like our home, in fact, it is the only house in which we will live forever.

And I think…

Why were our grandparents happy despite the war? They did not have an iPhone, Jimmy Choo shoes or other material things.

Why when you say “I just quit everything”, you change job, go on trips, work on farms, become hermit?

Our grandparents had learned the true meaning of life on their skin.

And us, with many more possibilities, only come to understand it when (and if) we burst. Because all these beautiful material things don’t make us happier.

So, we understand that what is really meaningful to invest in, is ourselves. Physically and psychologically.

And here we buy meditation and yoga courses, books about “how to live well”, nutrition courses, programs on “how to eat healthy”, on “how to respect our body”, “how to help our body when it hurts”.


Let’s start doing sports, practicing yoga, meditation, reading, taking time, thinking about ourselves… and smiling!

We give peace to our soul, well-being to the body and happiness to ourselves.


I think the summary of all this is:

“In this world we need less money and more love“.


At LiveNow we help our customers do just that.

We help you put the true love of your life first: YOURSELF.

To get started I’ll leave you the link to a great video, to start love our body.

No more pain, no more problems. No more pain problems.

Let’s look at the inside of your body.