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I have a dream…THE (physio) THERAPY OF FREEDOM

Did you know that pains and worries go hand in hand?

Come with me to the desert, I’ll explain it to you.



Situation number 1:

You wake up in the morning with neck pain.

“Another shitty day, with that bitch giving orders. I can’t stand her”

“What a neck pain I have today…”

“Here she is, she’ll say all day long stupid and nonsense things.

Finally! Time to go home, until tomorrow I won’t see her anymore.

I don’t know why I have to work with this girl!

Not even the neck pain went away! I have to go to a physiotherapist ”

…You go to sleep with a thousand thoughts in your head.


Situation number 2:

You wake up in the morning with back pain.

“When I got married, I never imagined I would end up to a lawyer, but here we go…”

“What a strange pain at the back I have today”

“Here he is, now he’ll tell me it’s my fault, that I pushed him to go with that bitch.

You will see, I’ll make him pay even the underpants.

We were such a beautiful family, wasn’t it enough?

What a pain at the back! I should go to a physiotherapist ”

…You go to sleep with a thousand thoughts in your head.


Situation number 3:

You wake up in the morning with headache.

“F**k, how do I tell him? I don’t have the courage ”

“What a headache this morning”

“He doesn’t deserve it, what will he think about me then?

It’s too big a secret, I can’t do this to him.

This headache didn’t leave me alone one second today! Maybe if I go to a physiotherapist, he can help me”

…You go to sleep with a thousand thoughts in your head.


And so on, for an infinite number of situations.


when we are stressed, our body is too



But are you really aware of the situation you are experiencing? Sure?

Have you ever wondered why when you are worried or stressed your body hurts somewhere?

Isn’t that the two things are related?




I’ll tell you a real example.

I had a patient in Dubai who came to me for a neck pain for months, which didn’t go away.

<<I have already tried everything. Massages, exercises, TENS, ultrasounds, I even went to the chiropractor!>>

After listening to his physiotherapy story, I asked him: “How are you doing?”

He looked at me a little stunned (for sure he will have thought, “she is crazy”).

I went on “Are you happy? Do you have something that worries you particularly? ”

<< Yes, but nothing so special, things that happen, the girl I was going to marry broke up with me few months ago>>

“And are you mad at her?”

<< Yes>>

“And do you miss her?”

<<Yes…a lot… >>

“Well, I think I found the solution for your neck pain”


Even more stunned than before, he surely will have thought “ok she is really crazy”.

“Let’s do some exercises together” (actually the muscles were a little tight, of course)

“you focus on the breathing and don’t think about anything”.

At the end of the session I told him:

“Now I’ll give you an exercise, to do whenever you want, but first you have to tell me what is the thing you like doing the most, that cheers you up, that gives you peace of mind? ”

He thought for a moment and then he replied: << Going to the desert and looking at the stars >>

“Ok perfect! That’s your exercise, go to the desert looking at the stars and in a week we’ll update. But don’t come back to me before you’ve been in the desert, okay? ”


A week later the guy came back with a huge smile on his face.

<< Doctor, do you know that the pain is less this week?? I could sleep! >>


A year later this guy still writes me thanking me, saying that he hasn’t had pain anymore, not even for one day.


Interesting, right? What happened? No, it’s not magic (unluckily they haven’t accepted me yet at Hogwarts :P).

When we are stressed, sad or too worried, our immune system is like us.

The molecules of happiness, called endorphins, those that make us face fears and pains without too much effort, are less, our body does not “buy” them, it’s sad and it doesn’t want to go shopping.

The consequence is that we perceive more pain. That’s the way our body has to make us understand that something is wrong.

So, how can we convince our body to go out and buy them?

Listening to what it tells us! It’s telling us “you hurt me”. How? This is what we need to understand.

“Easy to say!” Yes, it’s much more difficult to do.

I always say: we have two houses, the one with a roof and our body.

If I saw a thief entering my house, I would call the police. Why should I allow someone to steal at my home?

Same, why should I allowed someone or something “to steal” my health?

What is and will always be ours is ourselves. Our mind, our body. Nobody, NOBODY, can and must steal it, neither parents, nor love, nor friends, nobody.

It’s not easy. We always tend to sacrifice ourselves for others. I did it too, a lot, but then I got fed up of it and I started being AWARE.

Here’s where to start.

Stop. Analyze.

What is stressing me the most?

Is there a way to eliminate it? Surely. Although it is not easy.

Maybe it’s about finding the courage to throw out a huge secret, to break up with someone you are no longer comfortable with or to find the serenity to go to work without being under pressure.

But let’s start being aware of it.

If we do not find this awareness, we allow “thieves” to enter our home and steal our health.

So, let’s listen. We become aware of what hurts us and if we cannot immediately solve it, we give ourselves space to slowly find peace. Time does the rest.


What happened to my patient?

He stopped, he listened to his body and mind, his “home” … he analysed the situation (what worries me is the fact that my girl broke up with me) and found the solution (I know that if I go to the desert I feel better).

Without too many sessions or machines.

He certainly didn’t heal immediately, but he figured out how to do it.

And after a few evenings in the desert, thinking, analysing and giving himself peace, everything has gone.

With him we used the (physio) therapy of freedom.

(oh my God I could almost write a fairy tale!!)


Jokes aside, it took me a while to figure out why I felt different among my colleagues, you know? But with time, experience and curiosity I understood.

And I got that if we are aware of the situation we live in, we have the solution.

We begin to listen to our body, our problems.

And we begin to solve them with our (physio) therapy.

I will never say that my physiotherapy is the right one and that all the others are wrong.

Mine is not for everyone.

In this physiotherapy we must believe, we must want to feel good, free from worries and from pain.


Give me your hand and let’s go find the solution!


A happy day of awareness!

(Btw, going to the desert to look at the stars is really cool!)