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Terms and Conditions




This document sets out the terms of use of this Web Site, which is owned by Serena Mora and operated by

In addition, if you pay for information or advice from us (including in the form of a treatment program), your relationship with us will also be governed by the “Terms and Conditions of Purchase” (see below).

You signify your consent to these Terms by using this Web Site. We may alter these Terms by making changes at our discretion and without notice. By continuing to use this Web Site you accept these Terms as they apply from time to time.

  • Our free content
  1. Not personal treatment: Our free content is intended as general information only. It is not to be intended as a substitute for “in person” physiotherapy or other medical treatment. You should organise a personal consultation with a qualified medical professional before acting or relying on any free content.
  2. No guarantee of currency: We attempt to ensure that our free content is current and based on the latest research and practice at the date of initial publication, but we do not guarantee its currency.
  • No duty of care: We do not assume any duty of care in relation to you or any other third party by providing the free content.
  1. No physio/client relationship: Mere use of this Web Site or free content is not intended to, and does not, create a physio-client relationship between you and us.
  • Liability

To the maximum extent permitted by law, we exclude any liability to you for any loss, damage, claims or costs, including those associated with

  1. loss of business, income or profits;
    b. pain and suffering;
    c. the need to obtain medical treatment or rehabilitation or equipment;

resulting from the use of this Web Site.

Where liability cannot be excluded, any liability incurred by us in relation to the use of this Web Site is limited to the re-supply of the services.

We not respond for damages caused by incorrect use of the content.

Nb. All the content is intended for personal use. A rehabilitation program is intended to be personal. Do not share or suggest content with third parties (even friends or relatives), with apparent similar problems.


  • Copyright
    All free content and any content sent to you (updating emails or rehabilitation program) is subject to copyright.

You must not use, copy or reproduce any content (including graphics) in any way without our express written permission.

You must not alter or attempt to alter any free content.

Any unauthorised alteration is likely to result in criminal prosecution and/or civil action.



In case

  1. you share or reproduce our free content, or
  2. you share a link back to the specific blog entry or the home page of this Web Site (

on the World Wide Web, you must:

  1. display the title of the blog post
  2. preserve the copyright notice (#LIVENOW )
  3. display the domain name of this Web Site (
  • Links
    Our Web Site contains links to other Web Sites over which we have no control. We make no representations about the accuracy of information contained on those Web Sites. We are not liable for the content on those Web Sites, and if you choose to access those Web Sites, you do so at your own risk.   Maybe I will suggest to read smth…should I put it now?
  • Advertisements
    This Web Site may contain advertisements for goods and services provided by third parties. Unless explicitly stated, we do not endorse any product or services advertised on this Web Site, and we make no assurances or warranties (expressed or implied) about the accuracy, completeness or reliability of any advertisement.   Will we have ads??
  • Governing law
    These Terms are governed by the laws of the Italian Republic and you submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals in that State.

We protect your privacy under the Regulation UE 679/2016 (GDPR) art. 3 (see Privacy Policy related with this web site)

  • Definitions

“Free content” means all text, graphics, images, video, sound and other data displayed on, or made available from, the Web Site without charge. It includes, without limitation, any Blog Post;

“Blog post” means our post that appears on this Web Site;

“Content” means all text, images, video, sound and other data displayed on, or made available from, the web site. It includes even any blog post published on the web site.

“Comment” means any thought, remark, question or observation posted by a user of this Web Site in response to a content;

“LiveNow” means us;

“Terms” and ” Terms of Use” means the terms of use of this Web Site as set out in this document and the documents incorporated by reference;

“I”, “our”, “us”, “we” and similar words refer to the business [Serena Mora] and members working for LiveNow.

“you”, refers to the person(s) using this website.

“Web site” refers to the site located at the domain



  • You signify your consent to this agreement by purchasing any servicefrom this web site.

We may alter this agreement from time to time and you must review this document before each purchase.

If you are under 18 years of age, you must provide the written consent of your parents or guardian.

  • You acknowledge that:


no online service is a perfect substitute for an “in person” consultation with a physiotherapist;


we are unable to guarantee that our treatments will result in a cure of your particular complaint or condition. We recommend treatments that we believe are effective (based upon our experience and training), but we cannot guarantee results.


we are completely reliant upon the information that you provide us.

So, you agree to provide us with accurate and complete information in response to our questions and any follow up questions which we ask of you and any information which could reasonably be expected to be relevant to your condition or treatment.


  • It may become obvious to us that our servicesare not suitable for you. In these circumstances we will not provide it to you and we will suggest you an alternative solution.


  • We agree to provide you with a written document containing your treatment programme or other requested information by email



  • You must not implement our treatment program or act unless you completely understand it. Please ask any questions before implementing any treatment program or acting on any advice provided by us.


  • You must not provide our treatment program to any other person. We assume no duty of care in relation to any third persons.


  • We promise to give you the best treatment we can, based on our skills and knowledge.




All monetary amounts are expressed in Euros.

All rights reserved.