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If you have to go to a wedding you might need a personal shopper and…a physiotherapist.

But, what do a personal shopper and a physiotherapist have in common?

How to learn to really be your own personal physio-shopper

Based on a true story.


“Look on internet, it’s full of tips and exercises! Try them first! “

“My friend’s friend did this and it worked, try!”

“I found this for me, it’ll maybe be good for you too”


How many times have we heard or said these words ourselves when we had a problem?

But then did we really solve the problem?


In 20% of cases “yes”. It was nothing special, it would have been solved anyway.

In 80% of cases “no”.


A little (true) story: let’s say we have some pain.

“I tried to follow your suggestion and I tried the exercises I found on internet, but nothing. I prefer to be checked, I’ll take an appointment and go to the physiotherapist, the one over there in the town, they say he’s good” …

<< Yes Madam, so, today is Tuesday … the first available place is Thursday morning >>

“Eh but I work on Thursday morning … let’s see …maybe in the afternoon?”

<< Yes, but Friday >>

“Emm, Friday afternoon I have to water the flowers …”

<< I understand, then I would say next week >>

Result? Appointment the following Tuesday, 4.30 pm.


And here we go, it’s Tuesday!

80% of cases: “I don’t have any more pain, what do I do? I’ll go anyway? ”

20% of cases: “Finally! It’s so painful”.


A few months later…

99% of cases: “I’m still in pain, but why??? It was gone… ”


What do we do? Will we start the little story again?


But why does this happen?

Let’s underline two concepts:

  • The SHORT-TERM wellness (a few months):

fast and easy.

I’ll go to the physiotherapist 2-3 times, he gives me a massage (how cool!) and he suggests me some specific exercises to do, but “the pain has gone and I do not have time”.

  • The LONG-TERM wellness (years):

maintained over time and difficult.

I’ll follow a physiotherapist for a short period so then I can self-treat for ever.

(YOU have to work! Not just the physiotherapist!)

Moral of the short term: re-read the little story, and every time you get to the end, start over.

Moral of the long term: how to be the physiotherapist of yourself. You won!


Let’s take an example:

I have Prince Harry’s wedding and I obviously have to wear something nice.

I don’t know anything about style and I need advices of an expert.

I have to be super cool, there is little to discuss.

I call a personal shopper (or whatever her name is, however the person who gives advice on how to dress) and I meet her with a red blouse and a purple skirt.

“Oh no honey, if you want the red blouse put on a white skirt.”

Okay, if she says so, it’s because it’s true.


A few months later I have Ronaldo’s wedding.

Aside the fact that I’m pissed off cause he didn’t marry me … but for this occasion I have to be WONDERFUL.

I come back to the personal shopper, this time with red blouse and white skirt,as she said, didn’t she?

“Oh no honey, this time it’s no longer an english style wedding, it requires a long shiny dress, a notable one”.

Ok, how nice, thanks!


Now I wonder (aside “why do they all get married ???”)…what if I will have to go to Lady Gaga’s wedding???

I will always need my personal shopper, otherwise how can I not look bad???

Total cost?

500 euros for each personal shopper consultancy.

700 euros for the first dress.

1000 for the second one.

Amount of thousand for the next one.

I will always need a personal shopper and a new dress!


Let’s re-read the story in a “physiotherapy form”:

I have back pain and I want to fix it.

I don’t know anything about physiotherapy and I need advices of an expert.

I have to be fine, there is little to discuss.

I call a personal physio (the one who solves your problems) and I meet her in the clinic saying that I did some exercise seen on the internet.

“Eh no honey, if you want this pain to go away you have to do a cycle of 4 massages and then you’ll do the exercises at home”.

Okay, if she says so, it’s because it’s true.


A few months later I have severe back pain.

Apart that I am pissed off because I have a wedding (Ronaldo’s?: P) … but this time I have to be IN PERFECT SHAPE.

I come back to the personal physio, this time after receiving some massages by my friend’s friend, she suggested them last time, didn’t she? The exercises don’t though, it’s too painful.

“Oh no honey, this time it’s not like the other time, now it requires a cycle of Tecar therapy.”

Ok, how nice, thanks!


Now I wonder (aside “why is it always painful???”)…and if I will have a hernia???

I will always need my personal physio, otherwise how can I feel good???

Total cost?

160 euros for massages.

500 euros for the 10 tecars.

50 euros for anti-inflammatory medicines, pain relief patches, creams

An amount of euros for when I’ll have a hernia.

I will always need a personal physio and a new treatment!




But, where is the problem?

In every occasion you got a SHORT TERM wellness.

You don’t know WHY you have to wear the white skirt with the red blouse.

And you don’t know IN WHICH OCCASION.

So, you will always have to refer to the specialist.


And what if I tell you:

Why don’t we learn how to understand it?

But careful, this is the story of a LONG-TERM marriage, which if you remember is MAINTAINED OVER TIME and DIFFICULT…but POSSIBLE!

Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Total cost?

An amount of euros for a guidance program with a physiotherapist

An amount of will to do it all.

Zero euros for the next time.

You won’t need a physio for this problem again, because you will have learned to listen, understand and manage your body.

You got the LONG TERM wellness.

You will have to put effort into it, but then you will have a skill forever with you.

You save money, worries and time.


This is what we do at #LIVENOW.


Because we care about lasting marriages with health.

And marriage means UNDERSTAND your partner and MANAGE problems.

Without too many professionals, but only one who gives right advice once and for all.

Then the professional of your wedding will be YOU.


Would you merry you?


See you soon!

(at Ronaldo’s wedding? :P)